09.27.17Jinho Choi

Dear Professor Yakov Gubanov

Hello, Profesor Gubanov.

My name is Jinho Choi.

I am not sure you would remember me.

At beginning of the very last last semester before your leaving from Berklee, I sent you an email to ask allowance for auditing your traditional harmony class.

I had no money at all after finishing my 3-year course at Berklee as drum performance major, But I really wanted to learn composition.

You were such a sweet gentleman and just let me sit at your class. And you even checked out my assignments and tests. Thank you so much for your incredible generosity.

I am currently attending in Western Oregon University in west coast of the US as composition and film scoring major.

I had no background of classical music as a jazz musician, but I had such strong impression from you, who showed me such passion and deep knowledge about classical music.

I'll never forget you through my musical career in the future and I'll appreciate you with my heart.

I will pray for your good health, happiness in music and life with your family all the time.

God bless you.

Jinho Choi

05.06.17Zayn Mohammed

Dear Prof. Gubanov,
Whilst I'm sure you will not remember me, as you see hundreds of students, I want to send my regards, respect and communicate that being in your class was one of my most cherished experiences at Berklee due to your spirit. I'm a jazz guitar player, that was in one of your Tonal Harmony classes, perhaps you may remember our acquaintance by the gesture of us exchanging gifts, I remember you mentioning you're wonderful Italian wife insisting. Anyhow, even if you have no recollection, and if no face comes to mind, I send all my infinite respect, gratitude and highest respect to you Mr. Gubanov. I pray you are with peace, ease, in good health, happy & with the blessings of the Divine powers, an ex student, and an eternal friend- Zayn Mohammed

11.19.16Kevin Samuel

Dear Yakov:

I'm a former student of yours at Berklee who recently moved to Paris. Your influence on my life has been immeasurable. Please let me know how you are, and how I may get in touch with one Enrica Ceglia who I used to work with at the Berklee Performance Center.

11.09.15Alvaro Balvin Benavides

Hi Yakov,

My name is Alvaro Balvin Benavides. I was your student at Berklee College of Music. I took your analysis of Sonata Form class and your Life and music of Shostakovich class. Both classes changed my life and perspective of music and i thank you for that.

I graaduated in 2011. And i am more mature in my music. And recently started reading a lot about Shostakovichs life. Recently i read everything i could find about the history behind his Symphony No 5. And his String Quarter No. 8. Both pieces are of my favorites. I was wondering if you could recommend me a book where i can read a lot more about Shostakovichs life and music? I know there are several books out there. But probably you have a book that you find is more accurate about his life and music.

Hope i can hear from you soon,

Best regards

Alvaro Balvin Benavides

10.04.15Brian Bernstein

Mr. Gubanov hello! I'm not sure if you remember me but I studied orchestral writing with you at Berklee. I saw that you live in New York City, so do I! I was hoping that we could have a cup of coffee, I would love the opportunity to study with you further. Best, Brian Bernstein.

09.17.15Ketty Nez

Dear Mr. Gubanov, I heard about you through one of my composition students at Boston University, and wonder if you are ever up to Boston. I am a composer/pianist, currently writing an opera about Lina Prokofieva (based on Simon Morrison's recent book), and would love to hear more of your thoughts and experiences with Shostakovich and the Soviet musical world.

all best wishes - I enjoy your website and music!

- Ketty Nez
(my own website: people.bu.edu/knez)

06.27.15Andrew Bong

Hi Yakov. How are you doing? I hope you are well. I am finally graduating at Berklee. Thank you for the inspiration and education you gave me when I studied with you. I just want to say Hi to you. I hope we can keep in touch. I was listening to Shostakovich: Symphony No. 5 on Youtube when I read a student you have taught bfore commenting with your remark, "I felt as an asteroid does in passing Jupiter. look only for a second or you will be pulled in and crushed.". I hope to hear from you soon.

05.25.15Blanca Layana Gómez

Dear Yakov Ivanovich Gubanov: I\\\\\\\'m very very happy to know about you, then you live now in New York and work in Berklee. I remember you such as my best music teacher, because I enjoyed so much your harmony lessons in Kiev\\\\\\\'s Conservatory. Please write me, I want to hear more about you and your beautiful music, which has inspired me so long. I live in my country Ecuador, in Guayaquil, with my husband and my son David.

02.18.15Tim Leonelli

Hi Yakov,

I hope all is well!

I just wanted to thank you for all of our studies back when I was at Berklee AND for helping me get into graduate school. I'm now finishing up my masters degree this semester from The Boston Conservatory and I have a Wind Ensemble primeire that I won in March. I will defininately send you a recording!

Thank you again for everything and I hope to hear from you soon.

- Tim

09.10.10Gordon Francis Blaney Jr.

Hi Yakov,

You were such an excellent colleague. I regret that during our one semester collaboration that: "I failed to use the time and space to refine general compositional techniques and a codify a specific compositional voice". I hope allis well.

Warm Regards,

09.02.10 ludmila yurina

jasha, zdravstvuj! nakonez- to nashla tvoj sajt. ja nedavno bila v US i ,vozmozno, budu v November-December v Chicago- u menja tam 2 ispolnenija .Uzhasno hochetsja poobshchat`sja, sto let tebja ne videla.
my address yurina2004@list.ru


08.23.10Chris Juris

Hello Yakov. I am very interested in studying with you at Berklee. I read online you are leaving Berklee. Is this true?



Love your site!!!